Ginger farming to receive substantial boost

March 8, 2024 12:30 pm

[File Photo]

Agriculture Minister Vatimi Rayalu has announced plans to allocate two million dollars for the ginger farming program in the upcoming financial year.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the current $600,000 budget.

Rayalu says the additional funds are intended to foster the growth of the ginger industry in Fiji.

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In the 2023 budget, the Minister highlights that $600,000 was earmarked for the ginger farming program, a figure he deems insufficient for the industry’s optimal development.

He emphasizes the government’s commitment, facilitated through the Ministry of Agriculture, to continue supporting ginger farmers and processors, aiming to fortify the industry.

“I believe engagements and healthy discussions here will go a long way in furthering the industry.”

Rayalu explains the program’s multifaceted assistance encompassing activities such as land preparation and the provision of materials and agro inputs to farmers.

He also disclosed details about a novel support initiative tailored for food processors and exporters.

This program, he adds will extend two-thirds of the required funds up to $100,000 per recipient covering expenses related to ginger sterilization, juice production and other essential equipment.

Rayalu states that these endeavours by the Ministry form part of a strategy to enhance the resilience of farming and contribute to the economic advancement of Fiji.