Fresh data urgently needed

January 16, 2024 6:21 am

[Source: Dunn Family Eye Care]

The need for fresh data for informed decision-making in eye health has been brought to the forefront.

The Pacific Eye Institute has revealed that plans are in the pipeline to conduct a nationwide rapid eye assessment.

Country Manager Kirti Prasad admitted that, while there is a surge in eye health issues, there is a need for a study to determine the root cause of this surge.

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The last research was conducted in 2009, with current statistics in clinics showing that cataracts are currently leading, characterized by clouding of the eye lens.

Diabetic retinopathy follows closely, linked to high blood sugar, and refractive error ranks as the third cause, resulting in blurred vision.

“We’re working towards it. And by doing this research, we’ll be able to find out what are the ways to three courses of blindness in Fiji, and then we can put our resources into ensuring that we address those issues.”

Prasad stresses the urgency of research, foreseeing potentially transformative outcomes.

He emphasizes the critical need for updated data and collaborative efforts to enhance eye health strategies in the country.