FNU’s first local female VC advocates for women's empowerment

March 7, 2024 6:59 am

[ Source : Fiji National University]

Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, the first local female Vice Chancellor of Fiji National University highlights the pivotal role of women in governance and the economy.

While delivering a powerful address at the Fiji Teachers Union International Women’s Day celebrations, she passionately emphasized the importance of women’s empowerment and gender equality, drawing from her personal experiences and the imperative to challenge societal prejudices.

Professor Nabobo-Baba underlines her belief that women are essentially instilled with fairness and justice, serving as catalysts for social inclusivity and the emergence of new life.

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[ Source : Fiji National University]

She explored the pervasive gender and cultural stereotypes prevalent in Fijian society, stressing the urgent need to dismantle these barriers that marginalize certain groups, particularly women.

Reflecting on her rural upbringing, she emphasized the significance of exemplary leadership and proactive measures to effect meaningful change.

Professor Nabobo-Baba addressed the pressing issue of gender inequality in the workplace, urging women to embrace their femininity as a strength rather than conforming to masculine norms.

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[ Source : Fiji National University]

She frankly shared instances of discrimination and lack of support from fellow women, highlighting the crucial need for empowerment initiatives aimed at girls and the imperative for men to actively engage in the fight for women’s rights.

Professor Nabobo-Baba reflected on her childhood experiences with gender-based expectations and stressed the transformative power of education in overcoming societal biases.

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[ Source : Fiji National University]

International Women’s Day is celebrated today around the country.