FNPF warns members to check their deductions regularly

February 7, 2024 4:59 pm

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The Fiji National Provident Fund is urging its members to regularly monitor their deductions following concerns over employer compliance.

In their forum held in Ba today, FNPF General Manager Member Services Alipate Waqairawai emphasizes the importance of members being proactive in verifying that their funds are being deducted and deposited into their accounts accurately.

The FNPF disclosed that in the previous financial year, they had received 175 complaints regarding non-compliance for 119 employers.

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Waqairawai says that while the FNPF successfully resolved 164 of these complaints, the figures highlight a concerning trend regarding employer adherence to deduction.

“The problem that we encounter is that some people leave it after 3, 4, 5, 6 years and they come to the fund. As soon as you know that your FNPF has not been deducted, you should come.”

The fund highlights their extensive efforts to ensure compliance, revealing that they conducted over 8,000 inspections of employers’ compliance with FNPF regulations.

More than 4,000 employers received multiple visits as part of FNPF’s comprehensive monitoring strategy.

Chief Operating Officer Pravinesh Singh also reveals that some employers are only showing the deduction on the pay slip.

“Some employers are smart they deduct but don’t pay, the only way to find out is if you are able to check the mobile app, or even if you don’t have the app you can come to the FNFP offices to find out and see if your account is up to date with the last contribution.”

FNPF also issued a stern warning to employers, urging them to comply with regulations regarding deductions.