Five international airlines using Fiji Airways Academy

April 11, 2024 4:17 pm

Fiji Airways Academy

The Fiji Airways Academy’s expansion project will accommodate the growing demand for pilot and cabin crew training from international airlines.

Managing Director and CEO Andre Viljoen says the cornerstone of the expansion is the addition of two more simulators, bolstering the academy’s capacity to provide comprehensive flight training programs.

Viljoen says this will attract more international airlines to use the academy.

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“We started with none, and today we have five international airlines that regularly use our facilities to train and develop their pilots.”

Furthermore, the expansion includes the construction of a three-story safety and service training building dedicated to cabin crew instruction.

In a move aimed at enhancing the overall experience for students and staff alike, the expansion project will also introduce an apartment-style accommodation block complete with modern amenities.

This facility will not only provide comfortable living quarters but also feature a restaurant, gymnasium, and swimming pool.

Viljoen adds that the project will be completed in 2026.