Five complaints registered against EbayShop

September 13, 2023 4:40 pm

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission confirms they have received five complaints in relation to the EbayShop online recruitment scheme, collectively reporting losses totaling $33,640.

Chief Executive Joel Abraham says aside from the complaints, they have also received six inquiries.

The first complaint was received by the FCCC on Monday.

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Abraham says they had commenced investigations into EbayShop months earlier and were able to verify that EbayShop has no affiliation with the International Ebay Organization, nor was Ebay licensed by the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Joel Abraham

He says the FCCC has actively gathered evidence from the outset, conducted interviews, and scrutinized the alleged activities associated with the scheme.

The CEO says that now that they have received the first complaint on this scheme, they anticipate the emergence of further evidence and information that can aid in the ongoing investigation.

He says they will work with the Fiji Police Force to investigate and ensure that those responsible will be held accountable.

The Ministry of Trade says it has also taken proactive steps to safeguard Fijians’ financial wellbeing and security.

A Multi-Interagency Taskforce chaired by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Trade has been established, and it consists of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Consumer Council of Fiji, the Reserve Bank of Fiji, and the Fiji Police Force.

Minister Manoa Kamikamica says EbayShop Online Recruitment is a scam, and such fraudulent activities must stop now.

Manoa Kamikamica

He says they cannot allow people to fall into the trap of these unscrupulous people and face financial turmoil.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji issued a warning to the public against such scams on September 1, 2023.

Consumer Council Chief Executive Seema Shandil is also requesting Fijians to come forward to lodge an official complaint against EbayShop or any fraudulent activities against them.