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Five charged with separate robbery cases

May 10, 2018 11:06 pm

Five men will be produced at the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon charged for their alleged involvement in two separate robbery cases.

In the first incident last Sunday, a taxi driver was allegedly threatened by four men in Suva and forced to drive to Reservoir Road where they allegedly tied him up and put him in the boot of the car.

The suspects then headed towards Sawani where it is alleged they had planned to commit another crime.

Police say when that plan failed, they returned and abandoned the vehicle in Raiwaqa.

The driver was able to free himself and report the matter to Police.

Police say the Southern Division taskforce had been pursuing the four since the report was made with the successful arrest of the three men aged twenty and one aged twenty-six were made

The four have been charged with various counts which include aggravated robbery, theft and driving a motor vehicle without a valid license.

The second case was reported on Wednesday.

A twenty-year-old student was arrested and charged for allegedly robbing a twenty-five-year-old woman of her mobile phone while she was walking along the Qauia Bridge in Lami.

Meanwhile in another alleged burglary case a twenty-year-old former employee of a large retail and wholesale outlet in Laucala Beach was arrested.

Officers based at the Raiwaqa Police Station found the suspect on the property with assorted goods alleged to have been stolen.

It is alleged the suspect had hidden in the complex and committed the offence after the staff had closed down for the day.

All items alleged to have been stolen has been recovered.

Divisional taskforce teams have been set up to address aggravated robberies and burglaries with focus on the quick arrest of suspects.