Fijians in Canada welcome direct flights

December 3, 2022 7:30 am

The Fijian diaspora living in Vancouver, Canada, have welcomed Fiji Airways’ direct flight, which will make it easier for them to travel home.

The national airline began direct flights to Canada a week ago and has since transported hundreds of visitors and locals to and from the country.

Former Fiji national Umendra Singh says he constantly returns home to visit family, but the new direct flight will make traveling home more convenient.

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“Before people use to travel from here to LA and they have to wait in LA for like eight hours to ten hours before flying to Fiji or they will go through Korea sometimes when they can’t get American passports so they can’t transit through USA. So what Fiji Airways has done is very good.”

Former Fijian national, Silvia Prasad says she maintains her connections with Fijians at home and tries to visit often.

“It’s a very good idea for the marketing and for the seniors who are travelling from Fiji and vice versa.”

Prasad is adamant that with the new direct flight, trade relations will improve between the two countries.

Fiji Airways forecasts that the airline will be able to carry 15 tons of exports, particularly fresh produce on each flight.