Fijian Election

Narube says his party is clean

November 30, 2022 6:25 am

[File Photo]

Unity Fiji Party Leader Savenaca Narube says his party has not taken part in overthrowing an elected government.

He described his party as a clean party and one that has never taken part in any coups in Fiji.

However, the former Reserve Bank of Fiji governor has reiterated that his party can form a coalition with other political parties after the election except for Fiji First.

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”Our political party is clean, we do not have anything bad associated with us and this is why I am pleading with you to stop voting for those parties that will bring in injustice, they started unlawfully and this will continue. We should look for clean and bright leadership.”

Narube says his party is even willing to form a coalition with The People’s Alliance and this is not hypocrisy but a realistic move.

He believes this reflects the people’s voice to change the leadership and the need to be practical about prioritizing the national interest.