Fijian Election

Land, religion and status are protected: Koroilavesau

November 30, 2022 10:00 am

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Land, religion and our chiefly status are all protected under the 2013 Constitution, under the FijiFirst Government says candidate Semi Koroilavesau.

Speaking in Savusavu yesterday, Koroilavesau says these are three things politicians will use to sway votes because they tug at the hearts of ordinary Fijians.

He says they have been questioned a lot about why Fiji was declared a secular state adding this status basically allows or gives all Fijians the freedom to worship or practice their religion whichever way they want.

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Koroilavesau also quelled rumours that under the FijiFirst Government, more iTaukei land has been lost.

He clarified when the Bainimarama government came into power, 80 percent of the land belonged to the iTaukei.

Now, he says that has increased to 91 percent.

Koroilavesau also reassured party supporters, that under the FijiFirst government, all chiefly titles are protected and none have been stripped or taken away.

He has urged the people of Savusavu not to be fooled by baseless claims by some politicians who are only after votes and will ignore them once they get what they want.

Koroilavesau says political parties will come and promise things but they’ve done nothing compared to the FijiFirst government.