Fijian Election

Don’t vote along the lines of racism: Bainimarama

November 30, 2022 6:45 am

The Fiji First Party last night rounded up their campaign rally and meeting in Cakaudrove with pleas not to vote for a party that will bring a racial divide to the country.

Party Leader Voreqe Bainimarama was joined by candidates Meleti Raimuria, Naisa Tuinaceva, and Mosese Bulitavu at a party meeting at Nanuca Village in Buca Bay, last night.

Speaking at Nanuca Village in Buca Bay last night, Party Leader Voreqe Bainimarama says the racial division will only set the nation back to the year 2000.

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Bainimarama says a lot of people have been duped into voting for People’s Alliance Leader Sitiveni Rabuka because he will restore i-taukei governance in government.

He told party supporters in Nanuca, this will only bring about racial discrimination in the nation.

Bainimarama says his government has worked so hard to make everyone equal under the law and they will continue to fight for an integrated society.

He has urged the people to make sure their votes count and that they vote for stability, which his government has provided to all Fijians for 15 years now.

Meanwhile, Candidate and Loa Villager Meleti Raimuria told the party meeting they want to gather as much support as they can from Cakaudrove given that 90 percent of eligible voters from the province voted for SODELPA in the last elections.

Raimuria says voters should now be alert and attentive to hidden agendas that come with promises to get votes.

He has urged them to exercise their right to vote and vote for stability under the Fiji First government.