Fiji to be the maritime hub of the region: Cawaki

January 2, 2024 4:26 pm

MSAF Chief Executive officer Joeli Cawaki

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is working towards a grand vision for Fiji to become the maritime hub of the region.

This has been highlighted by MSAF Chief Executive officer Joeli Cawaki stating that it’s a big call which will need the people supports in terms of qualified seafarers and skilled workers across the maritime industry.

However, they are currently looking at all the skill sets since majority of the skills workers have been lost in the last decade which have been a challenge.

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“We have lost a lot of those skill sets, ship building, ship repairs, naval architect, compass swinging, stevedoring and there is a long list of skills that we have lost in the last 10 years. so we will work with the school so that all this skills sets be taught by the school and our people are qualified.”

Cawaki adds that they are also looking at the open registry since the maritime industry is still in the low spectrum of the priority list which they are working on to allow locals registered in Fiji to serve in overseas ships.