FHL Tower nears completion

March 27, 2024 6:38 am

[ Source : Supplied ]

The construction of the FHL Tower is making significant progress and remains the primary focus of the Fijian Holdings Limited Group.

The Group in a market announcement says to date, 75 percent of the project has been successfully completed, with a notable 90 percent of the building’s exterior, or façade, already procured and installed.

In addition to the exterior work, FHL says the installation of essential services within the building has progressed nicely.

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It also says that these services, which are crucial for the building’s functionality and safety, include fire services, hydraulics, mechanical services, elevators, as well as electrical, data, and communication systems, with 70% of these installations already in place.

Meanwhile, the FHL also says that the internal renovation of Ratu Sukuna House has been completed, with the building achieving final certification.

It says this marks a significant milestone for the property, signifying that the refurbishment works meet the required standards and specifications.

Following the completion of these internal upgrades, the FHL says efforts are now being directed towards engaging with potential tenants.

It says the objective is to ensure full occupancy of all floors in the near future, revitalizing the building and contributing to its vibrancy and utility.

The FHL says this ongoing development and refurbishment work represents a significant investment in the local infrastructure and commercial real estate market that will provide modern facilities for its occupants and enhance the Suva CBD landscape.