FEO says Charan Jeath Singh propagating misleading statements

October 29, 2018 6:48 pm

The Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem has called on the National Federation Party to seriously consider adopting a code of conduct for its representatives, particularly for social media.

An NFP candidate has claimed on social media that ‘rigging ballots is on the agenda’ following a minor disruption in electricity supply at Star Printery where ballot papers for the 2018 General Election were being printed.

Saneem says it’s rather bizzare to hear direct candidates for the General Election creating hoax and rumour.

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Saneem adding that particularly showing such irresponsible behaviour on social media leading to the possibility of rigging etc, whereas they have not taken the responsibility nor the initiative to agents present at any of our facilities.

The Supervisor of Election adds that NFP is now subjecting itself to exposure for pushing out rumours and creating hoaxes rather than taking the responsibility of ensuring their agents are at all locations so concerned.

He says, the FEO are particularly concerned by allegations made by this candidate as it shows poor patriotism and this also shows the lack of consideration to the General Election as a process.

Adding that it is rather despicable that such comments are being made without any form of repercussion or any form of norms created by the Party.

The SOE highlights that the FEO have been raising their concerns regarding conduct of some of the candidates on social media and this is a classic example where one party does not have adequate means to ensure that it holds high standards and responsibilities for its representatives.

The Fijian Elections Office is concerned, Saneem says and that fact of the matter is, Star Printery has full backup generator facilities, adding that the blackout in the Raiwai area for about 10 to 15 minutes and this was quickly resolved by the EFL and during the process, their back-up generators were switched on.

Saneem adds that all personnel were cleared from within the printer to ensure that the Fiji Police Force was keeping a close eye on all sensitive materials.

He says, this information could have been received from the FEO directly by the agents of the party or by the party itself, but it is unfortunate that such irresponsible remarks are being made in the social media by irresponsible candidates.

The SOE says, the National Federation Party did not have agents at the printing except during two short events.