FCCC to enhance consumer complaint resolution

January 31, 2024 6:28 am

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Chief Executive, Joel Abraham

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Chief Executive, Joel Abraham, says one of the biggest challenges they faced last year was cooperation and coordination from consumers.

Abraham says this was especially true when taking complaints and claims of alleged breaches to court.

He states that they have initiated a business process review to identify ways to improve their work.

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“We are also looking at the amount of time it takes for a particular complaint once it is registered to the time it is completed in the court system. We are trying to identify where the bottlenecks are, and this year we are looking at improving our internal systems and processes.”

Abraham adds that despite limited resources and staff, they ensure that all complaints registered with FCCC are dealt with accordingly.

He admits that there is always room for improvement in their systems and processes.

Last year, the FCCC conducted close to 2000 inspections, of which they found breaches in 74 items.