Farming helps Naroi village economically

September 25, 2023 12:06 pm

Farming and mat weaving are two major income generating activities for the villagers of Naroi on Moala Island in the Lau group.

Village Turaga ni Koro, Sefainaia Cama says farming is a primary source of income for the village, while women engage in selling seafood and other products for additional revenue.

Cama says with a number of villagers working as civil servants in Viti Levu, those who remain on the island are ensuring that the village continues to move forward both traditionally and economically.

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“Most of the men plant yaqona and it is also one of the major source of income for us. Dalo farming is also another source of income. For women, most of them sell mats while the others sell fish.”

Cama says one of the challenges the village is currently facing is the provision of electricity as most of their solar panels are reaching the end of its lifespan, and replacements are costly.

In terms of water supply, the village pays bills as their water is treated and serviced by the Water Authority of Fiji.

Naroi is one of the eight villages located on Moala Island in the Lau group.