Exploring innovative ideas

March 26, 2024 4:20 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Hardwood Corporation is exploring new technologies in an effort to enhance its work and services.

The Corporation today launched its new dashboard which is a data system consisting of information on the plantation area.

Fiji Hardwood Board Chair, Iowane Naiveli, says the dashboard is available on the company’s website and contains critical data for the general public.

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“I see this as a positive step towards introducing new technologies to the company for access to information for management decision-making. It will also promote information about the company’s operations to the public.”

Fiji Hardwood Corporation General Manager Semi Draunibaka highlights the new direction the company is heading towards.

“It’s basically part of introducing new technologies and also public access to information from the company in terms of areas that have been harvested, areas that are replanted and also the whole estate information the public can access publicly on the website.”

These innovations are essential for early warning systems, sustainable commodity production, and empowering indigenous people through land mapping and climate finance access.