Exchange programs to enhance bilateral relations

January 14, 2024 7:15 am

India and Fiji are advancing their bilateral relationship through various exchange programs.

This has been highlighted by the Indian High Commissioner to Fiji, Palaniswamy Karthigeyan, during the briefing of the Fijian delegation that will be attending the Republic Day Camp in India.

Karthigeyan says that the Indian government is happy to facilitate such programs to improve relations and cooperation with partner countries.

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“The larger objective remains the same to kind of connect the two countries and develop the friendship in the next generation. These are going to be the leaders of the country on both sides”.

He adds that Fiji is the largest beneficiary of the Know India Program, which has in the last year benefited more than 80 participants.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth and Sports Jese Saukuru says that these exchanges will bring out the potential in our youth.

This week, a group of 10 youths from Fiji will go to India as part of the 72nd Know India Program where they will engage in cultural activities and social activities.