Enhancing biodiversity framework is critical

March 14, 2024 12:28 pm

Biodiversity framework two-day workshop

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is keen on reviewing the national biodiversity strategies and action plans to enhance the protection of the biodiversity framework.

This has been highlighted by Principal Environment Officer for the Ministry, Senivasa Waqairamasi, during a two-day workshop on national biodiversity strategies and action plan.

The workshop is aimed at strengthening strategies for biodiversity conservation, eco-system preservation, and protection of animal and plant species and their habitats.

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Waqairamasi is optimistic that the different organizations can share lessons learned and get updated on what each and every ministry and organization is implementing in terms of biodiversity.

“The main centre of the discussion will basically see the alignment that can be done as well as an opportunity to look into the specific targets that are of interest at the moment and also the specific target that will focus on the sun regional event that is starting next week, and this is basically the target three around protected areas.”

The principal environment officer believes the objective of the workshop is to initiate discussions on the review of Fiji’s NABSAP and its alignment with the Kunming Global Biodiversity Framework.

The two-day workshop ends tomorrow.