Empowering Fijian artists in the digital music industry

April 13, 2024 7:38 am

The Fiji Performing Rights Association has joined Streamplay to provide a platform for local artists to stream their music.

This collaboration will offer Fijian artists an opportunity to showcase their music worldwide, earn income, and enrich Fiji’s cultural landscape.

South Pacific Streamplay Executive Sandip Chand says this is an opportunity for local artists to earn money.

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“So today marks a very unparalleled milestone; this will be the first time we’re giving a platform that allows and gives opportunities for the local artists to get their payments on this music platform, and we’re going to generate revenue out of this as well, as well as FPRA.”

FPRA Chair Eremasi Tamanisau emphasizes that streaming is the fastest-growing revenue source in the music industry.

“The world came to realize that streaming was the fastest-growing revenue earner in the music industry.” This hit a record during the COVID pandemic when people were locked up at home and their only form of entertainment was listening to music via the internet.”

Tamanisau says that FPRA is aware of this paradigm shift and has had to adjust accordingly.

The organizations are confident that they will be able to get a good outcome out of this, especially a boost to the music industry and its artists.