Empower Pacific conducts psychological first aid training

February 27, 2023 12:51 pm

[Source: File]

Responding effectively to the psychosocial needs of vulnerable people in a crisis works best when the responding people are prepared, trained, experienced, and well equipped.

Empower Pacific last week conducted a Psychological First Aid training workshop in Labasa for Ministry of Health and public health staff to prepare and upskill them to tackle post-crisis issues.

Empower Pacific Labasa Team Leader Shobhna Kiran says they have a team of certified disaster response crisis counselors specifically prepared to deliver a coordinated psychosocial response in times of crisis.

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“Given this knowledge of Psychological First Aid, they will be equipped with the look, listen, and link skills through the trainings. We also discuss the ethical dos and don’ts as well. while they are addressing these issues in the hospitals. “At the back of their minds, they already have the knowledge.”

Kiran says Empower Pacific has also provided psychological first aid training in disasters to almost 200 first response field workers in all divisions.

She adds that the disaster response work aims to address the immediate trauma and prevent the common long-term negative impacts of crises, including increased violence, risks to vulnerable children, substance abuse, and community conflicts.