Employment Ministry targets bogus agencies

May 21, 2024 4:36 pm

[File Photo]

The Employment Ministry has strengthened the regulatory framework and enforcement procedures for recruitment agencies under the Employment Relations Regulation 2008 to combat fraudulent practices.

This has been highlighted by Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh while highlighting the actions taken by the Ministry in dealing with bogus employment agencies in Fiji.

Singh says that unregistered recruitment agencies have been stopped and asked to leave the country.

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“We have in the past stopped recruitment agencies that have not been registered here, and we have also asked them to go away. The Ministry, as a part of the Public Awareness Program, has continuously been conducting radio talkbacks and shows, as well as media releases, to ensure that our people are not hoodwinked by these unscrupulous agents.”

Opposition Member of Parliament Semi Koroilavesau raises concerns about foreign employers directly recruiting workers in Fiji.

“While the Minister had explained about the agencies here locally, I just wanted to ask the Minister if there is a possibility of foreign agency or foreign employers coming directly and recruit workers in Fiji.”

In response, the Minister says these agencies must first register with the Ministry of Employment.

“The requirement is that they must first register with the Ministry of Employment, and there is a 20,000 bond that they have to deposit, and we do a thorough background check before we approve any agency that is interested to recruit our workers for overseas employment.”

The Minister adds they are also working with other enforcement agencies, like the Police Force and the Immigration Department, to ensure a multi-sectorial approach and provide our people with the correct information and guidance.