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Electoral process to date is transparent and credible: MOG

November 16, 2018 4:01 am

Fiji’s 2018 General Election process has been transparent and credible, according to the Multinational Observer Group.

MOG’s interim findings was released in a media conference this afternoon.

MOG Co-Chair Jane Prentice says that while voting is yet to take place at 25 polling stations tomorrow, delivering their findings now is appropriate as voting and counting has concluded at more than 90% of polling stations.

She says their members witnessed electoral preparations, pre-polling, Election Day polling, counting and tabulation of results.

She has commended Fijians for ensuring Election Day was peaceful and free of any security incidents.

”The wet weather conditions on Election Day did make it difficult for many voters however, all election stakeholders especially the Fijian Elections Office did their best to encourage voters to turn out to vote and we commend them for that. Our observers also noted that the strong enthusiasm amongst the voters who battled the rain to turn up to vote.”

MOG Co-Chair Mukesh Chandra Sahu adds that the voting process was conducted largely without error adding that the successful conduct of election was through the Fijian Elections Office professionalism and their degree of preparation.

He adds the Elections Office also made a good decision to suspend voting at the 22 polling venues that were affected by the bad weather.

”We believe that thought it was a correct decision. Why? It is disruptive to the process. The safety of voters has to be the paramount concern. If voters or election officials had been injured due to decision to leave the venues open than it would have been unacceptable.”

MOG believes that Fijians were able to exercise their right to vote freely and the outcome is on track to reflect the will of the Fijian voters.

The Multinational Observer Group says Fijians should have confidence in the conduct of the FEO electoral procedures.

Meanwhile, the MOG will issue a final report containing recommendations following the conclusion of all electoral processes.