TSLS reports surge in course changes

January 8, 2024 9:43 am

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A total of 791 students sponsored by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service (TSLS) have altered their chosen programs offered by universities.

TSLS asserts that these changes were prompted by factors such as students being compelled to pursue programs against their preferences, succumbing to peer pressure, lack of prior knowledge about program content and potential job roles.

It also notes that some opted to select a program solely to secure a scholarship or for a program that facilitates migration.

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TSLS Dr Penuel Emi

Acting Board Chair of TSLS Dr Penuel Emi emphasizes that according to policy, altering a program after a year extends the bonding period and incurs additional costs to taxpayers.

Dr Emi highlights a significant decrease in change requests from last year, citing awareness of scholarship schemes through the TSLS community awareness handbook and collaborative efforts with tertiary education providers.

She commends tertiary education providers for offering academic counselling and anticipates continued or improved provisions this year.

Emphasizing the importance of providing information on potential job roles and career pathways, Dr Emi suggests that aligning qualifications with program selection adds value to students.

Dr Emi is also urging universities to furnish accurate information regarding programs funded under various scholarship schemes to students.