Teacher Union issue strike ultimatum

May 30, 2024 6:55 am

[File Photo]

The Fijian Teachers Association has issued a stern warning of a potential strike if the government fails to meet their demands for increased salaries.

FTA General Secretary Paula Manumanunitoga announced that a critical meeting with the Fiji Teachers Union is imminent to determine their next steps.

This warning follows the decision by Members of Parliament to increase their salaries and allowances last week.

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Manumanunitoga expresses frustration, stating that the Coalition Government has been repeatedly petitioned since taking office to address the salary concerns of teachers.

He says despite proposals submitted to the Education and Finance Ministers, the requests for pay adjustments remain unaddressed.

“We will take all the necessary procedures and the protocols and the requirements that we need to make, we will apply for a strike action.”

Manumanunitoga highlights specific grievances including the need for salary increases for all assistant teachers and the differentiation of salaries between Heads of Department and Assistant Principals

Currently, he says these two positions receive the same remuneration, a practice the FTA opposes.

The General Secretary emphasizes the disparity in the responsibilities of Assistant Principals (APs) in small versus large schools, arguing that APs in larger institutions, who bear greater responsibilities should receive higher pay.

Manumanunitoga also noted the issue of Early Childhood Teachers receiving salaries that do not align with their pay slips and reiterated the call for a cost of living adjustment.

He condemned the salary and allowance hikes for MPs and even described it as disappointing and unfair to other civil servants.