Four school terms likely from 2023

September 22, 2022 4:50 pm

The Ministry of Education has revealed that it is proposing to break the school year into four terms.

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar says they have been consulting with the Fiji Head Teachers’ Association, the School Principal’s Association, together with the parents’ association, and the feedback has been generally positive.

Kumar says several factors shaped this decision, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic was just one of them.

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This timetable will also give teachers the rest they need to re-adjust and regain the inspiration to return to classrooms given the changes in students.

“And naturally we are being pushed to start our school late because of COVID-19. So we started this academic year late in April and we will be finishing off around 16th December, so naturally, we have to give ample time for teachers to relax to recover, rejuvenate and start the new academic year next year.”

The Ministry will initiate three, two-week breaks, including a five-week Christmas break.

Kumar adds this will also ensure that sporting activities are spread out across the year and give more opportunities for students to participate in all of them.

If successful, Fiji’s school year will reflect that of Australia and New Zealand to give families the opportunity to visit each other without having to compromise their education.