Education Ministry prioritizes family transfer requests

August 2, 2022 12:38 pm

Education Minister Premila Kumar speaking at Dogotuki District School.

The Ministry of Education is now placing high priority on transfer requests for ‘family reunion.’

Education Minister Premila Kumar says they have changed the transfer policy to allow for this to happen.

Speaking at Dogotuki District School yesterday, Kumar says they have seen that sometimes as a couple, the teachers are separated where they are teaching in two different places.

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She says it is the Ministry’s job to reunite the family.

Last couple of months, the Ministry has transferred more than 560 teachers under family reunion.

“We believe that when teachers are happy then obviously they will be able to teach our children better. They need to be in a much happier setting and a much happier environment.”

Kumar says they will continue to reunite families under this initiative and she has encouraged teachers in such situations to put in their transfer requests.