Easter weekend ends in the park

April 1, 2024 3:44 pm

Families and friends gathered in parks and beaches today, enjoying the final day of the long weekend.

Activities included sports, delicious food, and laughter in scenic settings.

Maria Adimunikula from the Matata AOG Youths Group expressed happiness at today’s picnic in Tikaram Park in Lami.

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“We had a weekend, we were camping in church age group from 6 up, so we just want to end our camp with a small picnic here, we were supposed to go to Albert Park but it was closed because of the Cricket games so we decided to come down here and enjoy the beautiful weather.”

Marion Marry and their family celebrated April 1st at My Suva Park, enjoying the holiday together.

“As you can see I am here with my family as in April 1st we are here to celebrate, to have a picnic and enjoy the holiday as it is as you can see even though our family is big we are always appreciative of what we have and even though there’s a lot of us we just like to appreciate having everyone us together and enjoy the holidays.”

As Easter comes to an end, the warmth of these shared experiences creates lasting memories.