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Easter Musical Celebrations unites the masses

April 5, 2015 5:20 am

Around 17 groups from different church denominations in the greater Suva area gathered together at Ratu Sukuna Park today to celebrate Easter Sunday in a musical and dance extravaganza.

The event started with a march from the flea market to Ratu Sukuna Park with hymns and choruses sung through the main street of Suva.

The Easter Musical Celebration has been organized by the Fiji Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Centre for Research Education and Advocacy (ECREA) with the theme “Freedom through Christ”.

Concert Producer Rev. James Bhagwan told FBC News the march and the concert is part of the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He adds ECREA and the Fiji Council of Churches have taken the human rights abuses in West Papua seriously and hopes the celebration will signify the liberation that Christ offers.

“We’re celebrating Easter; we’re celebrating our own liberation but reflecting on what that means for me for us in this day and age. How do we as Christians especially the young Christians in the 21st century live as Christians in an increasing secular age in an age where there are vast discrepancies and the disproportionate between the haves and the have not where in one hand we celebrate elections and democracy and human rights here in Fiji to a certain extent but our brothers and sisters in West Papua are suffering and being killed on a regular basis.”

Rev Bhagwan adds they plan to make this an annual event to bring together not only Christians but to unite Fijians despite race, gender and age.

The concert includes guest speakers and performers from Christain Mission Fellowship, Nasinu Ecumenical Youth, Dudley Memorial Church Youth, and other church groups.