Cybercrimes cannot be avoided: SSP Seru

September 4, 2023 11:45 am

[Source: Fiji Police]

The Fiji Police Force says its takes a community of investigators to address cybercrime.

Criminal Investigations Department Director SSP Loraini Seru highlighted this during the opening of the one-week cyber training at the Fiji Police Academy in Nasova this morning.

Seru says cybercrimes and attacks are imminent and cannot be avoided.

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She adds there is a need to step out of our reactive roles and be more vigilant towards building our capacities for consistent proactive approaches.

Criminal Investigations Department Director SSP Loraini Seru [Source: Fiji Police]

The training is facilitated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Australia Federal Police and New Zealand Police.

FBI Special Agent Ryan Macfarlane says the training will provide officers and officials the knowledge and skills to effectively combat cybercrime, protect critical infrastructure and build on existing partnerships within the region.

[Source: Fiji Police]

Participants at the training include police officers as well as officials from the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service and Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.