Police investigate Raiwai street violence

August 14, 2022 12:40 pm

Police are currently investigating the street violence that happened along Nairai Road, Raiwai in Suva this morning.

FBC News visited the site of the incident and gathered from witnesses that four men believed to be the circle member of a well-known kingpin involved in previous street violence, got out of a car armed with cane knives at Raiwai earlier today.

Witnesses say three of the men were able to escape while the fourth was caught by the group of men in the neighborhood.

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The video that was sent to FBC News from an anonymous source that lives at the Raiwai PRB Flat also shows the fourth men being dragged down along the roadside.

The video also shows a group of men damaging a black Prius by pulling the door out, ripping a speaker out of the trunk, and breaking the windscreen.

Street violence is becoming a common occurrence in the greater Raiwai and Raiwaqa areas in the recent past.
Police arrived at the scene shortly after the rowdiness ended.

More update on this story soon.