Health Ministry to escalate COVID measures

December 21, 2022 2:30 pm


The Ministry of Health is encouraging Fijians to continue practising COVID-19 safety measures.

This follows the discovery of 56 new cases as of December 17th, 2022.

Of the 56 new cases recorded, 39 were in the Central Division, 15 in the Western Division, and one in the Northern Division.

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The Ministry of Health is currently focusing on implementing COVID safety measures for those vulnerable to the severe effects of COVID-19.

This includes escalating measures in hospitals, nursing homes, and facilities for the disabled.

As such, the Ministry expects to escalate screening protocols and masking for staff, patients, and visitors. Furthermore, visitor restrictions will be in place.

For the general public, the Ministry of Health is advising that COVID safety measures need to be instituted, and this includes, proper masking, practising safe physical distancing, coughing or sneezing into your elbows, proper sanitization of your hands, and the avoidance of mass gatherings.