Fijians urged to maintain resilience

July 21, 2021 4:01 pm

Village Elder Apaitia Nareki and two youth - Vilive Matau and Emori Rokodelana manning the Nawamagi Village checkpoint in Nadroga. [Photo: Supplied]

Fijians in the Nadroga Navosa Province have been urged to maintain their resilience and strictly adhere to the COVID-safety protocols.

This follows the confirmation of few COVID-19 cases in the upper Sigatoka area.

Roko Tui Nadroga, Seru Ratukalou says a taskforce consists of Provincial Office staff, health officials and military personnel have visited almost every village and residence in the province shedding light on the severity of this delta variant and measures to counter the spread of the virus.

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He believes that a majority of villagers are aware of the do’s and the don’ts, with cases now looming at their doorstep.

“As we’ve been continually doing from the beginning of the pandemic until now is requesting all villages the province to remain vigilant and keep safe as there are some positive cases in the province now as you can see on your daily update of the Ministry of Health dashboard.”

Ratukalou adds the vaccination drive continues in Sigatoka and the Vatumali Government Station in Navosa.

The Roko Tui is urging Fijians in the province to get vaccinated in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19, achieve full herd immunity and retain economic prosperity.

“For this week we are continually meeting the Turaga ni Koro in all Tikinas and we’ve disseminating information and protocols of COVID-19 and latest update from the Health Ministry and we urge people to get vaccinated.”

FBC News has also received confirmation that villages in the province have imposed stringent restrictions, ramp up their surveillance and are not entertaining visitors to enter the village.

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