Ruling on joinder application next week

September 26, 2022 5:46 pm

Suva lawyer Richard Naidu.

The counsel representing the Attorney General in a committal proceeding against Suva lawyer Richard Naidu says that the Fiji Law Society’s intention to be an intervener in this matter means they do not have confidence in the court and, in this case, the presiding judge.

The committal proceedings stem from a post on Naidu’s Facebook page in which he allegedly made comments about the judiciary following a case in February.

Lawyer Gul Fatima argued in the court as the FLS filed an joinder application.

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Fatima says what has been put before the court, in summary, is no more than misleading.

Fatima says the application ignores High Court rules and is not a cause for concern to all lawyers in Fiji, as claimed by the Law Society.

The AG’s counsel says the application by FLS seems to be picking and choosing.

She went on to say the FLS must come clean and explain why it wants to be an intervener in this case.

Lawyer Adish Narayan from the Fiji Law Society says there is a contempt proceeding before the court, and there is public interest.

Narayan says they are not saying they want to cross-examine any witness, they are not saying they want to call any evidence, and they are not asking to be parties full time; they only wish to assist the court by providing authority and legal submissions.

He says FLS is offering its service and is not a stranger.

The ruling on this application will be made next Wednesday.

National Federation Party Leader Biman Prasad, NFP Member Lenora Qereqeretabua, and activists Shamima Ali and Nalini Singh were also present in court today.