Radrodro unaware of certain amendments in declaration form

August 9, 2022 4:40 pm

SODELPA MP Salote Radrodro. [File Photo]

SODELPA MP Salote Radrodro has testified that she wasn’t aware that amendments were made in her declaration forms until it was presented as evidence in court.

It is alleged that she breached the Parliament Remuneration Act 2014.

The MP is standing trial for allegedly obtaining a financial advantage.

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It is alleged that Radrodro falsely stated that her permanent residence was in Namulomulo village, Nabouwalu, Bua, and obtained $37,920 between August 2019 and April 2020.

Radrodro told the court that she provided receipts for her travel for parliamentary duties between August 2019 and April 2020 to the caucus clerk, who then used them to fill in the information on the form.

She said she trusted the caucus clerk to fill in proper details and there were instances where she signed the forms before they were fully filled in.

The judge questioned Radrodro whether she was aware that she had the right to question if amendments were made without her knowledge.

In response, the SODELPA MP said there had never been an instance or incident that prompted her to raise questions.

Radrodro also informed the court that while her permanent place of residence was Namulomulo, Nabouwalu in Bua, her husband was living in Suva during the period in question as he was working in the capital city.

The trial continues in the Suva High Court.