Prosecutor given time in alleged murder case

April 23, 2024 12:00 pm

Maika Bavou in court today

The prosecutor in the alleged murder case of Maika Bavou has been given time to submit the pretrial conference documents.

Bavou stands accused of gruesomely murdering his daughter’s partner a 19-year-old in Ra, two years ago.

Additionally, he is accused of staging the crime scene to make it appear as a suicide.

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During the hearing, it was said that the matter was convened to address the pretrial checklist documents, which the state had previously sought time to propose to the court.

Bavou’s lawyer Lusiana Naikawakawavesi said that prosecutor Simione Seruvatu had initially requested time to file additional voir dire disclosures, including CCTV footage and statements from the arresting and investigating officers.

Naikawakawavesi told the court that they are yet to receive this.

State attorney Seruvatu responded that they needed time to verify if the documents had been filed.

The 50-year-old will reappear in Court on June 6th.