Labourer cops mandatory life sentence for killing elderly man

May 23, 2022 12:30 pm

Aliki Kiko.

A 24-year-old man who brutally killed a 75-year-old in Viwawa, Navua last year for $100 has been handed a mandatory life sentence.

Aliki Kiko murdered the elderly man in his bid to obtain cash to buy more alcohol.

The Suva High Court heard that after receiving his pay on February 5th, last year, Kiko decided to party with friends.

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During the trial, Kiko also agreed that they were also smoking marijuana on the day of the incident.

The victim was a caretaker who had been drinking kava with his friends.

During the sentencing today, High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo said that when Kiko and his friends ran out of drinks, the culprit decided to go rob someone for money.

At this time, the victim had just finished drinking kava and was walking home.

Kiko who had a knife and an iron rod, approached the victim, who swore at him.

The court heard that Kiko walked away but moments later, he attacked the victim as he was unhappy with what the victim had said.

Kiko hit the 75-year-old with an iron rod on his head several times and stabbed him eight times.

He then dragged the man to the roadside before taking $100 from him.

The victim is said to have died at 12.05am on February 6th.

Justice Temo said this was an extreme crime.

He said the punishment Kiko gets is just and will protect the community.

Kiko will be eligible for a pardon from the President after spending 17-years behind bars.