Concerns raised over surge in street crimes

May 30, 2023 7:12 am

Attorney General Siromi Turaga has stressed the necessity of positive role models in the lives of young individuals as part of an ongoing effort to address the escalating crime rates.

Turaga has expressed deep concerns regarding the rising number of crimes, particularly among the younger generation.

The surge in street crimes has become a focal point, with incidents such as grab-and-run, pickpocketing, street intimidation, and even brawls increasing over the past few months.

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While some of these incidents have been reported to the police, many have gained significant attention through social media platforms.

He is calling on parents, educators, and community leaders to actively engage with the youth and provide them with guidance and mentorship.

“Yes, there are cases of indiscriminately young youths committing crimes. There are also, I can say, crimes tied to drugs and just general delinquency. And these are matters that affect society as a whole. It’s not only for the government. It’s only for non-NGOs and for NGO, other groups at family level, what other parents are supposed to be telling their children, we’re supposed to be sitting down, telling them the good values to become responsible citizens.”

Turaga highlighted the pivotal role such positive influences can play in steering young individuals away from criminal activities.

The Attorney General also emphasized the need for collaboration between authorities and the community to foster a safe and secure environment for all Fijians.

Turaga states that such cooperation aims to develop effective strategies for crime prevention and enhance law enforcement measures.