Concerns raised over loss of technical talents from EFL

April 22, 2024 6:24 am

The Standing Committee on Economic Affairs has raised concerns about the loss of 54 technical employees from Energy Fiji Limited who have sought opportunities abroad.

Recognizing EFL’s crucial role as an essential service provider, Committee Chair Sakiusa Tubuna emphasized the need to develop strategies to retain technical talent and prevent further migration overseas.

Tubuna says the committee is particularly concerned about the potential impact of this talent drain on Fiji’s ability to achieve its national targets, including the goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy electricity by 2036.

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“Multiple renewal energy projects are in the pipeline at present, however, the Committee is concerned that our national targets to meet 100 percent renewable energy electricity by 2036 might not be achievable.”

Despite the existence of multiple renewable energy projects, there are apprehensions regarding their feasibility and timely implementation.

During hearings, the Committee received submissions from various applicants seeking to invest in renewable energy programs. However, some of these applications were rejected, prompting further scrutiny and analysis of the renewable energy landscape in Fiji.