Concerns over underrepresentation of Fijian women

March 22, 2024 4:11 pm

[Source: Women Entrepreneurs Business Council - WEBC/Facebook]

Fijian women, despite outperforming men in education continue to face significant underrepresentation and undervaluation in the formal workforce.

UN Resident Coordinator in Fiji, Dirk Wagener highlighted this during Women Invigorating the Nation Convention.

He also highlighted concerning statistics that show women comprise only one-third of Fiji’s formal labor force and that this disparity is further compounded by a substantial gender pay gap, with women earning considerably less than their male counterparts.

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The UN Resident Coordinator has called for a collective effort to achieve gender equality.

“Research shows that countries decide on gender equality tend to have stronger economies. Gender Equality goes hand in hand because macro-economic and financial stability. It can stimulate economic growth and it can reduce income inequality. It is good for business companies with three or more women in senior management score higher in all dimensions of organizational performances.”

Wagener urged men in positions of power to become active champions for women’s economic empowerment.

“Women’s economic empowerment and achieving gender equality must be a key priority and responsibility for all men. My concern is that often this work I see has to be for women, but it is for all of us. It matters for all of us and since many positions of power are held by men it is incumbent on us man to lead the change. “

The convention today focused on empowering Fijian women and achieving gender equality.