Complaints will be thoroughly investigated: Kumar

May 12, 2022 6:30 am

Premila Kumar. [File Photo]

Despite zero tolerance on corporal punishment, the Education Ministry continues to receive complaints against teachers.

Minister, Premila Kumar confirms that just within three months of this year, the disciplinary section within the Ministry is already investigating complaints against teachers for inflicting corporal punishment.

Kumar has assured that all complaints will be thoroughly investigated, as schools should be a safe place that empowers students.

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“The matters are referred to the unit and they appoint an investigative team. This includes external people and they are all trained by the Ministry of Civil Service and then they conduct investigations. We believe in child protection and we have got policies surrounding that. There is zero tolerance to child harm or beating up a child.”

Kumar says teachers are dealing with some very rude behaviour from students, but stresses corporal punishment is not a solution.

Psychologist, Prem Singh, says corporal punishment has psychological and physical effects on children.

Singh says teachers will need to derive different strategies to assist students who are slow, considering they have been home for quite some time during the pandemic period and have lost the teaching and learning time.