Chronic kidney disease needs urgent attention: Dr Tudravu

March 14, 2024 11:54 am

In Fiji, chronic kidney disease is a prevalent health issue, affecting an estimated 13.6 percent of the entire population, which is significantly higher than the estimated global prevalence of 9.1 percent.

While marking World Kidney Day, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Jemesa Tudravu says that the annual incidence of stage 5 chronic kidney disease in Fiji is high.

Dr. Tudravu says it is estimated to range from 753 to 938 per million population, which is four to five times higher than that of nearby Australia in 2013.

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He adds that CKD is the fifth leading cause of years of life lost in Fiji, and it is a crucial risk factor for cardiovascular disease, with a higher risk of cardiac death compared to individuals without CKD.

The Permanent Secretary says if left untreated, stage 5 chronic kidney disease will require dialysis or kidney transplantation to sustain life.

He adds that patients with CKD require frequent dialysis treatments or even kidney transplants to survive.

Dr. Tudravu says less than 10 percent of adults with CKD are aware of their diagnosis, leading to missed opportunities for disease management.

Therefore, he adds that this is a serious concern that needs urgent action.