China to enhance scholarships for vocational training

May 11, 2024 4:23 pm

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Zhou Jian

China aims to offer more scholarships to facilitate the vocational training of Fijians.

This has been highlighted by Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Zhou Jian.

Jian says despite completing their education, many graduates are facing difficulty in securing employment.

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However, he says this move will greatly assist these students.

The Chinese ambassador states they will be focusing on providing essential skills to students in hospitality and tourism, culinary arts, construction, agriculture, and the creative industry.

Ambassador Jian adds that China is committed to addressing this issue by not only providing scholarships but also by deploying its experts to train local talent within Fiji.

“We will try to introduce the Chinese vocational training college to come to Fiji to have cooperation with Fiji University or Fiji vocational training colleges to help train more Fijian students here in Fiji.”

This approach not only enhances the skill set of the local workforce but also fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange between China and Fiji.