Child cancer survival rates increase

September 23, 2023 7:01 am

Sina Kami

Walk on Walk Strong Fiji has reported a remarkable increase in the survival rate of children diagnosed with cancer.

The organization, which provides crucial support services to young cancer patients, has seen the survival rate rise to nearly 50 percent, a substantial improvement compared to the 30 percent rate seen in previous years.

Co-Founder Sina Kami says despite these encouraging statistics, a persistent challenge remains and that is the stigma that many children with cancer face from society.

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She also highlights that the encouraging statistics are the result of the increased realization about cancer in communities.

“Because of the awareness and the importance for the people, and they know and they have seen that there are kids dying of cancer, or suffering from cancer, and they start to accept the fact that it’s real.”

Kami emphasizes their commitment to going above and beyond in providing additional support for these young patients.

“Before what we hear from the doctors, the child will be diagnosed, they go home, wherever they live here in Fiji, and when it’s time for them to come for review, they don’t come back. Because they don’t have transportation, they don’t have finance.”

Currently, Wows Kids is caring for 78 children with cancer, and they anticipate the possibility of more cases, particularly in remote communities.