Carers must have a clean record: Tukutukulevu

May 16, 2022 12:20 pm

Child Services Unit Acting Director, Ela Tukutukulevu.

Trusted carers is what is needed to support the children under state care says Child Services Unit Acting Director, Ela Tukutukulevu.

She highlights they have a specific criteria for all applicants if they want to care for the children.

Tukutukulevu says this is part of the Draft Child Protection Policy which is in the final stages of compilation.

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“We must ensure that they have a clean police record and that they read through the code of conduct, code of ethics before we appoint them. They declare by signing. Signing off that.”

Tukutukulevu says a thorough background check is done for each application before they are allowed to be carers.

The Ministry of Women and Children is currently finalizing the Draft Child Protection Policy.