Capacity building vital for projects

May 17, 2024 4:39 pm

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is enhancing its capacity-building initiatives and seeking technical experts to support ongoing projects in the Pacific region.

The IUCN, in collaboration with other partners, launched the KIWA initiative in 2020 by implementing nature-based solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.

While projects are still underway in various villages, KIWA initiative Coordinator Etika Qica stresses the need to equip individuals with essential skills and resources to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of conservation efforts.

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“It is not only about planting mangroves. We also need to plant mangrove associates. There are other trees that are needed to be grown in our coastal areas. Usually, the first trees we cut down because we are farming, like the panda trees, and coconut trees, usually grow right adjacent to the mangrove.”

Qica also provides an update on ongoing projects which includes sand dunes preservation.

By fostering collaboration and building local capacity, the IUCN aims to create lasting impacts that benefit both people and the environment.

Currently, over $100 million dollars has been invested across Pacific island countries under the KIWA initiative to foster environmental resilience in vulnerable communities.