Bula Boys’ heroic move saves kid

September 21, 2022 9:45 am

[Source: Daily Post Digital]

The Digicel Bula Boys have been hailed heroes after saving the life of a little boy following a road accident in Vanuatu yesterday.

As reported by local news site, Daily Post the Fijians were returning from training at Stade Centrale when they saw the little boy got hit by a vehicle.

He was then attended to by the Fiji team physiotherapist Nishant Kumar and a few of the Fijian players.

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Its reported that Kumar put on a neck brace around the injured boy’s neck and put him in the recovery resuscitation position with his head tilted to the side, later on a few of the players carried the boy into the team bus to drive him to the hospital when the Pro Medical ambulance arrived on the scene and the paramedics put him into the ambulance where he was put on oxygen and they managed to stable his condition before driving him off to the hospital.

Team manager Anushil Kumar says at that very moment, the team’s priority was to attend to the little boy.

Kumar says the bus was not moving at the time of the accident and the players ran out of the bus to stop vehicles and attend to the boy.

Kumar adds during their team’s devotion last night the Fiji team remembered the little boy in their prayers.

[Source: Daily Post Digital]