Border control critical for economic growth

February 21, 2024 6:49 am

Fiji’s Ambassador to Japan, Filimoni Waqabaca, says efficient border management plays a vital role in defending our national interests and fostering economic growth.

While opening the border control training yesterday morning, Waqabaca highlighted that a significant portion of Fiji’s gross domestic product, specifically 69.2 percent, relies on imports passing through the nation’s ports.

The Ambassador stresses that border control agents must carry out their duties with diligence because a significant amount of the country’s economic activity depends on imports and warns against the dangers of succumbing to corrupt practices.

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“When you allow yourself to be engulfed in corrupt practices, you put at risk the security and future of your children, your grandchildren, and the nation. In doing so, you become a party with those who want to see our country fail.”

According to UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Yemesrach Workie, border security is essential to promoting tourism and economic opportunities.

“The substantial reliance on imports and exports, which significantly contribute to Fiji’s GDP, underscores the urgency of implementing rigorous controls and bolstering our capacity.”

The authorities are urging everyone to fulfill their duties with honesty and integrity, emphasizing that what they do today will affect not just the current generation but also those to come.