Balancing development and economic growth is vital: Vosarogo

April 18, 2024 6:37 am

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The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources has highlighted the importance of balancing development with environmental protection and economic growth.

Filimoni Vosarogo says his ministry is focused on managing development especially in the mining sector to protect the environment as per provisions in Mining Act and the Environment Management Act.

Vosarogo says the ministry monitors compliance with environmental regulations through quarterly reports from active mines and exploration companies.

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“These stakeholders are consultants to identify areas of ecological or cultural interests, which are demarcated if they are agreed to that will then be demarcated as exclusion, or no-go zones in mining. Secondly, the EIA as Environment Management plans are integral components of the application for mining and special prospecting license.”

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Filimoni Vosarogo

Regarding foreshore development, approvals are granted cautiously to balance economic development with environmental preservation.

The ministry is reviewing the Mining Act of 1965 and the State Lands Act of 1945 to strengthen environmental management practices.

It is working on achieving sustainable development that benefits future generations while preserving Fiji’s natural heritage.