Authorities crack down on unauthorized vehicle modifications

May 21, 2024 11:58 am

Serious concern has been raised by the Land Transport Authority and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service as some importers of used goods vehicles are modifying them into passenger vehicles.

In a statement, the LTA says such activity is happening post-customs clearance by the FRCS.

It says that importers are fitting additional seats on the imported vehicles.

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LTA and FRCS highlight that the crux of the matter revolved around the significant disparity in duty rates and import permit restrictions between passenger and goods vehicles.

LTA Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa says the illegal modification of goods vehicles into passenger vehicles without prior approval from FRCS and LTA compromises safety standards, as these vehicles may not undergo the requisite inspections and assessments mandated for passenger vehicles.

Rokosawa adds that the Authority will uphold its commitment to maintaining the integrity of Fiji’s transportation regulations and safeguarding public safety.

He reiterates that any attempt to transform these vehicles into passenger vehicles without prior clearance from the FRCS will be met with stringent enforcement measures.

FRCS Chief Executive Udit Singh also urges importers and stakeholders to adhere to regulatory protocols and comply with customs and transportation regulations.

He says that as the governing body of motor vehicle import permits, FRCS fully supports the collaboration with the LTA in improving trade compliance with motor vehicles in Fiji.

The LTA is steadfast in working with the FRCS to curb these illicit activities and uphold Fiji’s transportation sector’s highest compliance and safety standards.